Step 1: On-Site Shooting


In one hour I am able to shoot the following media:

  • 30 photos, Aerial and Ground level
  • 15 minutes of video
  • 10 different 360° photos

Step 2: Post Processing


Post processing is not required for every job, however editing the media will bring the most detail out of every image. The following amount of time will be spent on each piece of media:

  • 1 hour to edit 30 photos
  • 1 hour to edit 2 minutes of video

Each job is unique, so please reach out and clarify what is expected for the job you have in mind and I will respond with a price quote.

Minimum of 1 hour on-site work for each job. Travel expenses will also be included in any price quote.


Travel Expense

No travel expense within 1 hour of Denver. Additional charge of $30 for every hour traveled outside of Denver. See range, and approximate travel costs below.

  • 708-262-7921