Up Above Photography is an Aerial Photography Company based in Denver, Colorado. The goal of Up Above Photography is to capture the best perspectives on all properties, even the rugged ones.

Chris Riske

I am the pilot and founder of Up Above Photography. I have my Part 107 certification, but more importantly I have a passion for flying vehicles. I started this company as a way to provide value in the form of professional quality aerial imagery at a competitive rate. In addition to flying and capturing images with the UAV, or "drone", I will also provide the post production needed to bring the most out of every image.

When I'm not out in the field capturing images, I am either snowboarding, or somewhere in the plains filming tornadoes. Traveling and spending time outdoors is what I love to do, so I am willing and able to travel to most locations within 6 hours of Denver.


Is "Up Above" Insured?

Yes. Every flight is insured via Verifly Flight Insurance. Insurance covers 1,000,000 in damages in a 1/4 mile radius surrounding the flight site. Also, I will personally ensure every flight is safe and compliant with FAA regulations prior to takeoff.

Can you fly here?

All UAV flights will be compliant with FAA regulations, so it depends on how close the property is to restricted airspace. I will verify the air space is not under any restrictions prior to every flight.

Is your service refundable?

I wont charge any client until we are both satisfied with the images. I will communicate and verify every client is satisfied before any money changes hands. However, once full resolution images have been sent, the transaction is no longer refundable, and at that point I will assume you are satisfied with the images. Travel expenses are NOT refundable.

How far from Denver are you willing to travel?

Maximum travel time for single flight is 6 hours from Denver. Travel expenses will be calculated prior to any flight completion. See the pricing map below for approximate travel costs and range.

  • chris@upabovephoto.com
  • 708-262-7921